Connecting to Eduroam

This guide will help you get the eduroam connection working. It assumes you are using Network Manager for handing your network connections (which if you've been following our install guides, should be true).

You will only need wget as extra software. Install it:


sudo apt install wget


sudo pacman -S wget


From the terminal:

Make a folder in your home directory (I'll use the folder .eduroam_ca in this guide), download the file:

mkdir ~/.eduroam_ca
cd ~/.eduroam_ca
wget -O ca.pem 

Now download the connection configuration:


You have to edit this file. Open it with gedit:

gedit eduroam.nmconnection &
  • Replace [computer user] (the whole thing, [] included!) with your username. You can find it out by running whoami in the terminal.
  • Replace [path to ca.pem] with the full path to the ca.pem file. The full path should look something like /home/[computer user]/.eduroam_ca/ca.pem where [computer user] is your username (like I explained above).
  • Replace [student username] with your UoB student username. They look something like abc123
  • Replace [UoB password] with your UoB account password.

Save and close the window.

Copy the file in the configurations directory of Network Manager (you must use sudo):

sudo cp eduroam.nmconnection /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections

Reload Network Manager:

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

You should now be able to see eduroam in your WiFi list and, when in range, connect to it.