OS-Prober (Detecting other operating systems)

OS-Prober is a command-line utility that detects other operating systems on your device. We use that in conjunction with the grub-mkconfig command in order to detect any operating systems that haven't been automatically picked up.



sudo pacman -S os-prober


sudo apt install os-prober



OS-Prober must be ran as run in order to work properly.

sudo os-prober


As you can see, I have a Windows partition on /dev/nvme0n1p1. In order for grub to detect this, I need to mount it and then re-run the grub configuration tool.

I will mount my Windows partition to a temporary directory in order for it to be detected. Note: We ignore everything past the @ in the file path, we strictly only care about the drive location.

sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt


As you can see, you should now be able to ls the directory where the drive is mounting to if done successfully.

Now that you've mounted the relevant drive, you can run

sudo grub-mkconfig 

This will then generate a file for you and sets it to GRUB's new configuration.


This should fix your GRUB config file, and now Windows should be detected on your boot drives menu in GRUB.



sudo pacman -Rs os-prober


sudo apt remove os-prober